Nov 27

Operations Management with Professor Nigel Slack – Warwick Business School

by Camelia Cojocaru

Meeting Professor Nigel Slack is always a special event. This is why we felt really happy today (27th of November) to participate in a videoconference organized with Professor Slack.

The main question was: Why is Operations Management important?

Well, after 18 years working, living and training operations management :) , I felt once again that this is indeed an extremelly important part of an organization.

Why? Because Operations Management concerns all types of organisation and reffer to using the resources and managing all the processes related to manufacturing goods or providing services.

And of course, for the last years, it seems that Operations Management is fashionable, too. According to below analysis, the consultancy services market (as % of world revenues of 40 largest consultancy firms) allocate 31% (!) to operations and process management.

You cand read more about this topic within our “Workshops” section.

Also, you can download the presentation here:  professor nigel slack Bucharest Presentation.

For more information about Professor Slack, please go to: http://www.nigelslack.com/



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