Nov 11

Saving and Dissaving in the Consumption Society

The Faculty of Business and Administration within the University of Bucharest organizes the scientific seminar entitled


„Saving and Dissaving in the Consumption Society”

The scientific seminar is conducted by Professor Dr. Elena Druică and aims to provide a working group for students interested in elaborating their undergraduate and master final dissertations in one of the following disciplines: Statistics, Econometrics, Decision and Game Theory, and Behavioral Economics.

The seminar was launched on 9th of November 2012, and the members of the group meet every Friday, at 10,00 a.m., room No. 7, Faculty of Business and Administration, Queen Elisabeta Avenue 4 – 12, Bucharest.  For any further information and details, you can contact Professor Dr. Elena Druică at elenadruica@yahoo.com

Topics to be covered during the sessions:

  • The consumption and overconsumption models. Emergence and specificities in former communist countries.
  • Mental Representations of Saving and Savings. Subjective factors and their effects on Saving Decision.
  • The shock of transition to a market economy in Romania and its impact on the objective and perceived discount rate. Inter-temporal models – specific approaches in former communist mentalities.
  • Financial literacy in Romania.
  • Specific heuristics and the architecture of saving decisions in Romania.
  • Time horizon and saving decisions. Comparative approaches under socialist and free economy regimes.
  • Innovative products, between novelty and consumers ‘pressure. The differences between developed and developing economies.

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