Nov 27

Operations Management with Professor Nigel Slack – Warwick Business School

by Camelia Cojocaru

Meeting Professor Nigel Slack is always a special event. This is why we felt really happy today (27th of November) to participate in a videoconference organized with Professor Slack.

The main question was: Why is Operations Management important? Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 11

Saving and Dissaving in the Consumption Society

The Faculty of Business and Administration within the University of Bucharest organizes the scientific seminar entitled


„Saving and Dissaving in the Consumption Society”

The scientific seminar is conducted by Professor Dr. Elena Druică and aims to provide a working group for students interested in elaborating their undergraduate and master final dissertations in one of the following disciplines: Statistics, Econometrics, Decision and Game Theory, and Behavioral Economics. Read the rest of this entry »